Treasure Island – now due in March 2022


Treasure Island the Panto will be delayed and is now expected to show in March 2022. This was due to a number of those involved having to isolate, or actually needing to recover from covid. Never the less…

It will be very funny (if rehearsals are anything to go by!) and an amazing show – Russ Kirton directing, live music, amazing costumes, scenery, comedy and laughs and all the brilliant camaraderie we have missed so much. The plan is to put on a blockbusting, big family and community smash hit in the run up to Christmas. It will be so great!!

Rehearsals are going really well. Ahrrrr, me arties..

Rehearsals for Treasure Island


AGM – The Results!

This year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) saw us saying “farewell” to our committee Chair, Marianne Johnson; and secretary, Jane Austin. WDC are enormously indebted to them both for their significant efforts to shepherd the rest of the committee into a coherent shape as well as being all round great people.

Taking their place we welcome the amazing Amanda Dann as Chair, and Xan Kite as Secretary. Both are fabulous actors and have been treading the Wadhurst boards for many years now. With Russ Kirton (Treasurer) they have been busy writing and directing, filming and generally heroically piecing together another ‘Zoom’ collective play… to be released soon-ish.

And finally our President John Bush is standing down from the “Ladder Man” role!

His influence was summed up by Heather Woodward

When we joined in 1975, John was very involved backstage helping Bryan and Cynthia Bell and also helping Hugh Orchard with lighting, but he could also occasionally be persuaded on stage.  He was on the Committee even then.

I can’t remember the dates when John and Ann moved out to the Netherlands and when they came back  so can’t say when he actually created the increasingly sophisticated lighting and sound systems in the Hall.  But they have been a godsend for the Dramatic Club and for Wadhurst.

The Music Halls I devised with Hugh certainly challenged JB and he always rose to the occasion. Helping with the rising man-sized balloon was one!  I remember especially the back-lighting for the shadow drama with Frank Creasy.   “I can’t do it.”  “Oh yes you can!”, replied Hugh Orchard. And of course  he did.  The sounds of wind, screams, telephones, sea gulls, door bells, crashing china etc

Another huge success was the lighting for the Son et Lumière in the Parish Church (2000)  when he set up lighting outside, beyond the windows of the altar, and gradually, as we listened to the Bruch Concerto the lights dimmed until only a small part of the stained glass was lit.  Very moving.  Quite a few sniffs and hankies!

He always worked hard to support stage managers and props.
Every Dramatic Club needs a John Bush.

The Dramatic Club presented John with the pictured “Ladder man Award”


The link to watch is here:

This is an amazing pantozoom written by Amanda Dann, Xan Kite and Russ Kirton, Directed by Russ Kirton and performed by members of the Wadhurst Dramatic Club. A topical comedy and visual treat with costumes and colours, crazy characters, fun and music. Specially designed to be recorded on zoom, using the effects brilliantly with all the actors safely acting within their homes – talent and happiness shines through! Take that 2020!

So, grab your favourite bevvy or brew, settle back in a comfy chair, click on the link above (or type it into your web browser) and enjoy an hour of great fun from your friends in the Wadhurst Dramatic Club!  ….oh, and do add a comment or send us one if you like, we’d love to hear from you!

Thank you as always for your fabulous support!

Being Dramatic at Home!

Hi everybody!

Hope you are all safe and well and looking forward to having a laugh with us once we are all able to be together somehow or other!

We have had two virtual pantomime reads since the lock down began – with home made costumes as you see above – and they have been great fun. We will carry on with them fortnightly on a Monday evening from 8pm, please do say if you’d like to zoom in – either to take part or just to watch, we promise you will laugh!

In terms of stage performances – we are hoping that we will be able to celebrate going back on stage in the Commemoration Hall with a good old pantomime involving young and old with plenty of good laughs in January 2021. That all depends on social distancing requirements and we will keep a close eye on developments, but hope to be able to proceed with auditions (maybe remotely) in September. We’ll keep you informed – please join us in keeping your fingers crossed that this will be possible!

As always, we would love anyone to join us in any capacity – front of stage, back stage, front of house, organising – whatever you fancy! At the moment we could really do with some help with costumes, if anyone is interested?

Stay safe everyone and we hope to be with you somehow or other sometime soon!

AGM – Support Drama in Wadhurst

The Wadhurst Dramatic Club’s AGM will take place on the 10th February at 7:30pm in the Commemoration hall. If you wish to continue to see local people, young and old, expanding their horizons while entertaining others on stage in Wadhurst then please try to attend the AGM.

Click here to access the following items:

  • AGM Agenda
  • Nomination Form
  • Minutes of the Last Annual General Meeting
  • WDC Rules and Constitution – for approval at the AGM.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Our January 2020 production is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the musical)

‘Come with me, and you’ll see, there’s a world of pure imagination’.

WDC and WYTKidz are well into rehearsals for this well-loved Roald Dahl musical in January 2020, directed by Amanda Dann whose production of Private Peaceful last November received a NODA award.

Performances are at the end of Jan 2020. Want to get involved, backstage, front of house, making props or something else? Then, contact Amanda on 01580 200948 or email

Oct 2019 – “Free & Easy” a very entertaining musical show

17-19th October 2019: Free & Easy from The Very Merry Roosters and friends

Set in 1960’s London, Eric and Iris Dobbins run a friendly neighbourhood pub (The Last Drop) with a regular ‘Free & Easy’ evening (an ‘Open Mic’ Night). Everybody knows everybody – it’s a real family pub, somewhere to feel safe and comfortable. This peaceful existence is threatened by a visit from Ron Stone, the brewery’s new consultant who presents them with a 5-year business plan and revised tenancy agreement. Seeing the ‘marketing potential’ of The Last Drop, Stone has persuaded the brewery to demand £25,000 for a new agreement. Failure to pay means eviction – and will allow the consultants to transform the pub into an ‘entertainment centre’ for pole-dancing and other salacious events. Eric, Iris and daughter Tracy are distraught, barmaids Vanessa and Sharon are devastated, and the regulars are disconcerted. How can this be stopped? Ah! You need to wait until October 2019.

Free & Easy will be performed by our Lamberhurst-based friends, ‘The Very Merry Roosters’, by special invitation from Wadhurst Dramatic Club.  With over fifteen songs from the 50s and 60s performed live on stage, there’s a guarantee you won’t be disappointed.  If you’d like to get involved on-stage or off-stage, there will be some room for Wadhurst actors/ singers & dancers too. 

Want to get involved? Contact the director Russ Kirton on Get your 60’s gear ready and your dancing shoes warmed up – come and join us!