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Wadhurst Dramatic Club has been putting on shows since 1946, here’s a complete list of our productions;

Year Month Title Author
2020 Jan Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
Directed by Amanda Dann
Noda Review
Roald Dahl
adapted by Richard R George
2019 May A Bunch of Amateurs
Directed by Russ Kirton
NODA’s excellent review
Nick Newman
Ian Hislop
2019 Jan Bah Humbug!
Directed by Kay Sasadia
NODA review of Bah Humbug!
Rebecca Ryland
Bill Francoeur
2018 November Private Peaceful
Performed by the WYTKids
Directed by Amanda Dann
NODA Review & Photos
Michael Morpergo
2018 November Wadhurst  – “Over The Top”
various items to commemorate Armistice day including an extract from “Blackadder Goes Forth” Directed by Jamie Crawford
Ben Elton
Richard Curtis
2018 May Allo’ Allo’
Directed by Russ Kirton
NODA Review
David Croft
Jeremy Lloyd
2018 Jan no production
2017 October Hairspray
Performed by the WYTKids
Directed by Amanda Dann
NODA Review & Photos
John Waters
2017 April
Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay!
Directed by Grainne Murphy
NODA Review
Dario Fo
2016 October Arms and a Man
Directed by Jamie Crawford
NODA Review
George Bernard Shaw
2016 April Grease
Performed by the WYTKids
Directed by Amanda Dann
NODA Review
Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey
2016 January Way out West in a Dress!
Directed by Kay Sasada
NODA Review
Book by Billy St John
Music & Lyrics by
Bill Francoeur
2015 October Volunteers
Directed by Wendy Barr
Noda Review
Hilary Mackelden
2015 May Bugsy Malone!
Performed by the WYTKidz
Directed by Amanda Dann
Alan Parker
2015 January Puss in Boots – the Pantomime
Directed by Russ Kirton
A Review
Ben Crocker
2014 October SHOWTIME! (West Side Story, Oliver! & Les Miserables) [Review] Various
2014 May Absurd Person Singular [Review] Alan Ayckbourn
2014 January Flapper! The Musical [Review] Tim Kelly (book), Bill Francoeur (music & lyrics)
2013 October Dead Man’s Hand
Noda Review
Seymour Matthews
2013 May No Time for Fig Leaves [Review] Duncan Greenwood
2013 January Sleeping Beauty Alan P. Frayn
2012 October The Importance of being Earnest [Review] Oscar Wilde
2012 May All American Revue various
2012 Jan./Feb. Pirates Sharon Hulm
2011 May Talking with Angels
2011 Jan./Feb. Blackadder II Richard Curtis & Ben Elton
2010 October Kindly Leave The Stage John Chapman
2010 May The Witches Roald Dahl
2010 February Once in a Lifetime George S. Kaufman
2009 October Last Tango in Little Grimley/The Fat Lady Sings in Little Grimley David Tristram
2009 May A Midsummer Night’s Travesty Nicholas Corder
2008 October Deathtrap Ira Levin
2008 May The Curious Savage John Patrick
2008 Jan./Feb. Oliver! Lionel Bart
2007 October Who killed the Football Manager? Chris Martin
2007 May Death by Fatal Murder Peter Gordon
2007 February Elsie and Norm’s Macbeth John Christopher-Wood
2006 September The Wadhurst NODA Music Hall Wadhurst Dramatic Club
2006 October How the Other Half Loves Alan Ayckbourn
2006 May Waiting in the Wings Noel Coward
2006 Jan./Feb. Goldilocks and the Three Bears John Morley
2005 May The Cemetery Club Ivan Menchell
2005 March The Incredulity of St. Thomas Medieval
2005 February Caramba’s Revenge William Norfolk
2004 October Dinnerladies Victoria Wood
2004 January Mother Goose Norman Robbins
2004 April Lettice & Lovage Peter Shaffer
2003 October Day of Reckoning Pam Valentine
2003 May Forget-Me-Knot David Tristram
2003 January The Shakespeare Revue Christopher Luscombe & Malcolm McKee
2002 October Sand Castles Bob Larbey
2002 May The Odd Couple (female version) Neil Simon
2002 Jan./Feb. A Sussex Music Hall various
2001 October Pack of Lies Hugh Whitemore
2001 March Breath of Spring Peter Coke
2000 October Son-et-lumière WDC
2000 November Wadhurst Millennium Pantomime Jenny Swan for WDC
2000 May Murder in Company Philip King & John Boland
2000 January Light Relief Anna Murton for WDC
2000 January Black Comedy Peter Shaffer
1999 October Sing a Song of Shows various
1999 May The Darling Buds of May H.E.Bates
1999 January Old Time Music Hall various
1998 October After September Jimmie Chinn
1998 May A Murder is Announced Agatha Christie
1998 January Sleeping Beauty John Morley
1997 October Noises Off Michael Frayn
1997 May Ten Times Table Alan Ayckbourn
1997 June Charity Variety Show various
1996 May Allo! Allo! Jeremy Lloyd & David Croft
1996 February South Pacific Rodgers & Hammerstein
1996 December 50 Golden years various
1995 October Stepping Out Richard Harris
1995 May On Monday Next Philip King
1995 January Dick Whittington Jackie Manktelow for WDC
1994 October Cats Cradle Leslie Sands
1994 May Abigail’s Party Mike Lee
1994 June Charity Variety show various
1994 Jan.-Feb. All Time Music Hall various
1993 October Steaming Nell Dunn
1993 May The Long Sunset R.C.Sherriff
1993 Jan.-Feb. Snow White John Morley
1992 October Barefoot in the Park Neil Simon
1992 May Touch and Go David Benfield
1992 February Old World Music Hall Hugh Orchard & others
1991 October Gaslight Patrick Hamilton
1991 May Tom Jones Joan MacAlpine
1991 Jan.-Feb. A Handful of Songs various
1990 October Charity Variety show various
1990 Jan.-Feb. Aladdin Robert Marlowe
1990 April Confusions Alan Ayckbourn
1989 November A Month of Sundays Gerald Savory
1989 May Charity Variety show various
1989 June Seaside Special various
1989 Jan.-Feb. Music Hall various
1988 October Season’s Greetings Alan Ayckbourn
1987 June The Wonderful Years of Musicals various
1987 December Humpty Dumpty John Morley
1987 April Play On Rick Abbott
1986 May How the Other Half Loves Alan Ayckbourn
1986 January The Forties Remembered various
1986 December Christmastime
1985 October A Letter from the General McLoughlin
1985 May Fool’s Paradise Peter Coke
1985 February Old Time Music Hall
1984 October Just Between Ourselves Alan Ayckbourn
1984 May Blithe Spirit Noel Coward
1984 January Brer Rabbit Peter Quartermain
1983 October My Three Angels Spewack
1983 May An evening of words & music (incl. Scrivener’s play)
1983 February Music Hall
1982 October Whose Life is it anyway? Brian Clark
1982 May Outside Edge Richard Harris
1982 January Scrooge Charles Dickens
1981 October The Old Country Alan Bennett
1981 May Move over Mrs Markham Cooney & Chapman
1981 February Old Time Music Hall
1980 May Rise and Shine Elda Cadogan
1980 May The Dark Lady of the Sonnets G.B.Shaw
1980 May The Mayor of Torontal Gwynneth Jones
1980 January Red Riding Hood John Crocker & Eric Gilder
1980 Autumn Son-et-lumière WDC
1979 October The Thriller of the Year Glyn Jones
1979 May Not Now, Darling Cooney & Chapman
1979 February Old Time Music Hall
1979 December The Devil His Due Seamus Fail
1978 October The Secretary Bird
1978 May They Came to a City
1978 February Cinderella
1978 December Cathedral – Ten Minutes Peter Preston
1977 October Edward Margaret Wood
1977 October Harlequinade Terence Rattigan
1977 May The Importance of Being Ernest Oscar Wilde
1977 January Jubilee Music Hall
1976 October Woman Alive John Tully
1976 October The Desireable Cottage Anthony Booth
1976 January The House that Jack Built Wilfred Miller
1976 December The Sky is Overcast Anthony Booth
1976 April Person Unknown Chase & Claton
1975 October Call It Love (4 one-act plays:
The Night Digby Proposed
A Prior Engagement
The Elopement
Just About Married
Robert Tanitch
1975 May Cat on the Fiddle John Dole
1975 January Old Time Music Hall
1974 October Separate Tables Terence Rattigan
1974 May The Incredulity of St. Thomas Medieval
1974 January Ali Baba Trudy West
1974 December The Proposal
1974 April Haul for the Shore Jean McConnell
1973 Spring As You Like It William Shakespeare
1973 November The Incredulity of St. Thomas Medieval
1973 November When is a door not a door? John Arden
1973 February Old Time Music Hall
1972 June The House on the Cliff G. Batson
1972 January Puss in Boots Geoffrey Clarke & Mary Howarth
1972 December Thistle in Donkey Field Richard Tydeman
1971 April Running Riot Derek Benfield
1970 May Boeing, Boeing Camoletti & Cross
1970 January The Queen of Hearts Mary Howarth & Geoffrey Clarke
1970 December Sunshine on the Righteous
1970 December St. Joan (scene 1) G.B.Shaw
1969 December Hands Across the Sea
1969 April Open House Philip Mackie
1968 November Fourpence Off Julian Hume
1968 May The Rape of the Belt Ben Levy
1968 January Cinderella Paul Hartley & John Burton (Pam Gill – music) for WDC
1967 Spring The Paragon Roland & Michael Pertwee
1967 January Jack and the Beanstalk Geoffrey Clarke, Mary Howarth & James Green
1967 December The Hollow Crown
1966 May Wild Goose Chase Derek Benfield
1966 January Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Luis Carroll
1965 May The Whole Truth Philip Mackie
1965 January Aladdin Goeffrey Clarke & Mary Howarth
1965 December Burnt Offering Charles Vites
1964 January The Princess and the Swineherd Stuart Grey
1964 (May) (Will Any Gentleman) (Sylvaine)
1963 January Old Mother Weepy Julian Hume for WDC
1963 December For Better, For Worse Watkyn
1963 Autumn The Love of Four Colonels Peter Ustinov
1962 Spring Bonaventure Charlotte Hastings
1962 Autumn The Old Man of the Mountain Nicholson
1961 January The Sleeping Booty Julian Hume for WDC
1961 Autumn Life with the Girls Wooldridge
1961 April Breath of Spring Peter Coke
1960 May A Hundred Years Old adapted by Helen & Harley Grenville-Barker
1960 Autumn Mr. Bolfry
1959 January The Babes in the Cousley Wood Julian Hume for WDC
1959 Autumn The Affairs of Madame Parpot Cabrol
1959 Autumn Nine Lines to Waterloo
1959 Autumn Festival Nightmare Hooke
1959 April Hay Fever Noel Coward
1958 April Two Dozen Red Roses Kenneth Horne
1957 November Corinth House Hansford Johnson
1957 March The Treasure Hunt
1956 November I Remember Mamma
1956 April Arsenic and Old Lace
1955 Spring Down Came a Blackbird Blackmore
1955 November Night Must Fall Emlyn Williams
1955 February The Boy with a Cart
1954 Autumn The Devil’s Disciple G.B.Shaw
1954 April The Hollow
1953 Spring The Shop at Sly Corner Percy
1953 Autumn The Noble Spaniard Somerset Maugham
1952 Spring Fools Rush In Home
1952 May Flare Path Terence Ratigan
1952 Autumn Twelfth Night Shakespeare
1951 Spring Ladies in Retirement Percy & Denham
1951 May Little Lambs Eat Ivy Langley
1951 Autumn Night was our Friend Pertwee
1950 Spring The Chiltern Hundreds Douglas Home
1950 Autumn A Bill of Divorcement Dane
1949 Spring Full House Ivor Novello
1949 Autumn And no birds sing Lard & Fennald
1948 Spring Double Door
1948 Autumn Quiet Weekend McCracken
1947 Autumn Dark Brown
1947 Autumn Magic Suit
1947 Autumn Elizabeth Refuses
1946 Autumn Fresh Fields

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