AGM – The Results!

This year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) saw us saying “farewell” to our committee Chair, Marianne Johnson; and secretary, Jane Austin. WDC are enormously indebted to them both for their significant efforts to shepherd the rest of the committee into a coherent shape as well as being all round great people.

Taking their place we welcome the amazing Amanda Dann as Chair, and Xan Kite as Secretary. Both are fabulous actors and have been treading the Wadhurst boards for many years now. With Russ Kirton (Treasurer) they have been busy writing and directing, filming and generally heroically piecing together another ‘Zoom’ collective play… to be released soon-ish.

And finally our President John Bush is standing down from the “Ladder Man” role!

His influence was summed up by Heather Woodward

When we joined in 1975, John was very involved backstage helping Bryan and Cynthia Bell and also helping Hugh Orchard with lighting, but he could also occasionally be persuaded on stage.  He was on the Committee even then.

I can’t remember the dates when John and Ann moved out to the Netherlands and when they came back  so can’t say when he actually created the increasingly sophisticated lighting and sound systems in the Hall.  But they have been a godsend for the Dramatic Club and for Wadhurst.

The Music Halls I devised with Hugh certainly challenged JB and he always rose to the occasion. Helping with the rising man-sized balloon was one!  I remember especially the back-lighting for the shadow drama with Frank Creasy.   “I can’t do it.”  “Oh yes you can!”, replied Hugh Orchard. And of course  he did.  The sounds of wind, screams, telephones, sea gulls, door bells, crashing china etc

Another huge success was the lighting for the Son et Lumière in the Parish Church (2000)  when he set up lighting outside, beyond the windows of the altar, and gradually, as we listened to the Bruch Concerto the lights dimmed until only a small part of the stained glass was lit.  Very moving.  Quite a few sniffs and hankies!

He always worked hard to support stage managers and props.
Every Dramatic Club needs a John Bush.

The Dramatic Club presented John with the pictured “Ladder man Award”