Arms and a Man (George Bernard Shaw)

 Arms and the Man directed by Jamie Crawford

On 27th–29th October we’ll be performing the classic and brilliant George Bernard Shaw comedy Arms and the Man that highlights the futility of war.  This will be directed by the highly regarded Jamie Crawford and promises to be both fun and very rewarding.

The cast of seven (4 men, 3 women) includes: Major Paul Petkoff, Catherine Petkoff and their daughter Raina Petkoff. The Petkoffs are an upper-class Bulgarian family.  As the play opens, Catherine rushes into Raina’s bedroom in the late evening to tell her that her fiancé, Sergius Saranoff, led a victory in battle in the Russian-Austrian War.  Raina Petkoff is a twenty-three-year-old who idealistically believes herself in love with Sergius, to whom she is engaged. Major Sergius Saranoff – the heroic young soldier.  During a series of comical interludes, it is revealed that Sergius’ “heroism” was a stupid mistake that turned out luckily. Louka – a servant in the household who is engaged to another servant, Nicola. Nicola – a servant who respects his servant role and the family, viewing them as a source of patronage when he saves enough money to open a shop. Captain Bluntschli – a Swiss mercenary soldier, thirty-five years old.  He is running away after his company lost the battle to Sergius.  His father owns a chain of hotels in Switzerland.

Everyone is welcome to join us for the: Read through: Tuesday 24th May at 8pm in the Orchard Room

Auditions: Tuesday 7th June at 8pm in the Orchard Room

If you’re not able to make these dates but would like to be involved – either on the stage or as part of the much valued crew, just get in touch with Jamie on