Upcoming Events…

May 2016 Production In 2016 Wadhurst Dramatic Club celebrates its Seventieth year – and we’d like to put on a sparkling variety show in May, building on the talent within the club and the success of the Hollywood Night charity evening last July.  The show will be called ‘Platinum’ – the 70th anniversary symbol. But we need your input………………..

So please put on your creative head and come up with ideas to submit.  There is no central theme to the show as yet, so no limits to your imaginative thinking!  We are keen to see……………..Singers, Soloists, Duets, Barber shop quartets, Groups, Bands, Choirs, Actors, Presenters, Comedians, Entertainers, Magicians, Musicians, Storytellers, Dancers and Jugglers.  All are welcome!  If you have been waiting for the chance to bring your ventriloquism act to the stage – this could be it!!

I’m taking this forward for Wadhurst Dramatic Club and invite you to a meeting on Sunday 17th January at 12.30pm to gauge the level of interest, range of acts and talent.  To develop ‘Platinum’ as a showcase for local talent and create a diverse and entertaining show, we’d like to select a wide and balanced variety of acts.  At this meeting we’re not looking for polished acts but just an idea of what you are offering or would like to put together.  If you want to be involved but have not thought what you would like to do, then come along as I’m sure there will be plenty of others in the same situation.  This is an inclusive event where we would love to see as many of you as possible involved in one way or another. So come and add your ideas to create a unique showcase celebrating 70 years of quality theatre and music in Wadhurst.

Look forward to seeing you all on Sunday 17th Jan, 12.30pm, Wadhurst Commemoration Hall

Russ Kirton

If you can’t make it but are interested in being involved, please email Russ on russ.kirton@zestica.org.uk or ring him on 01892 890698